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Georgia Staffing Agency Job Turns Nasty For Employment Hopefuls: How to Spot Job-Duping Before It’s Too Late

Fraud & Deceit in Georgia: Employment Hopefuls Lured From Georgia By “Job,” Get Stranded In Missouri

WSB-TV and The Associated Press reported yesterday that dozens of workers had been scammed by a Georgia staffing agency through a Craigslist post promising two-year construction job positions in locations across the country. According to their stories, a new Marietta-based employment company called Everything Staffing assembled a group of prospective workers for subcontractor Black Sparta LLC on construction sites outside of Georgia. Black Sparta agreed to provide food, gas and lodging for all employees but when the workers started showing up for a job in Missouri, they were told they were no longer needed and forced to foot the bill. As a result, dozens of Georgians are stranded without hope and without the job they were promised; some do not have the means to make it back home to Georgia.

Everything Staffing intends to file a lawsuit against Black Sparta, but that won’t ease the immediate pain felt by these adventurous job seekers duped by what appeared to be a promising opportunity but turned out to be a fraud stranding these people in an unfamiliar city.

Make Sure You Have a Valid Employment Contract

There are ways to protect yourself against job-duping if you find yourself in a similar situation whether you are a Georgia job-seeker looking for a construction job or a Georgia business or contractor looking for a sub-contractor. First, check to see whether the employer or business or other authorized person has promised you something in exchange for your performance at a job site. If the promise purports to be an employment agreement for work on a project that will take more than one year to complete performance, i.e., a 2-year construction contract, then the Georgia Statute of Frauds will apply to that promise. Georgia’s Statute of Frauds requires that certain contracts be in writing and signed by the party to be charged in order to be enforceable. Specifically, O.C.G.A.§ 13-5-30 says that contracts that cannot be performed within one year at the time they are made must be in writing and signed by the party to be charged or his agent in order for you to bind them to the promise.

If you are a Georgia business or Georgia contractor worried about job-duping by a sub-contractor, agent or other harmful business relation, then you can, with the help of an experienced Georgia contract lawyer, come up with a standardized business contract to address your business needs and withstand new challenges to Georgia business practices. Have your business contracts reviewed by your lawyer to incorporate new terms reflecting important changes in the law, recent court decisions, and changes in Georgia business practices.

Fraud and Deceit in Georgia

Job-duping can affect both job-seekers and businesses in Georgia and its practice could amount to actionable fraud and deceit under Georgia law. Stay tuned to find out about pursuing these claims or contact an experienced Georgia contract lawyer at Betts & Associates about your matter.