Complex Business Litigation

When business conflicts and disputes are negatively affecting your business success, you need an attorney that is experienced in helping protect its clients. Betts and Associates represent clients from small to large: from sole proprietors, small businesses, to publicly traded corporations.

Our clients share one common goal: they are dealing with difficult legal issues that are challenging the success of their company. Betts & Associates can quickly and thoroughly assess the situation and put together the best plan to protect your legal rights in a cost-effective, efficient manner.

We can help immediately. Whether you need a skilled negotiator or an aggressive litigator, call us because we can help. Our goal is to defend your interests with the least possible interruption to your company.

We have the skills, resources and experience, to effectively handle a broad range of complex business litigation cases that include:

  • Corporate, partnership or ownership disputes
  • Commercial, banking, and contract litigation
  • Non disclosure, non compete, trade secret, and unfair competition lawsuits
  • Corporate, partnership or ownership disputes
  • Business torts from fraud to breach of contract
  • Intellectual property
  • Employment litigation
  • Real Estate disputes

If you need advice about the best way to approach and resolve your business litigation matter, consider Betts & Associates. To request a legal consultation, contact our office at 404-577-8888 to schedule an appointment. We are proud to provide personal service and practical solutions for those with even the most complex legal concerns.