The law firm of Betts and Associates has handled all types of claims on behalf of whistleblowers. We aggressively advocate for whistleblowers to make sure they receive all benefits they are entitled to under Georgia and federal law. We have the skills, resources and experience, to effectively handle a broad range of whistleblower cases that may include:

  • Medicare or Medicaid fraud
  • Medical device fraud including defective products that injure consumers
  • Companies that are defrauding the United States through government contracts
  • Toxic waste disposal in violation of environmental laws and regulations
  • Misuse and abuse of company funds by directors and officers
  • Military/Defense Contracting Fraud
  • Financial fraud such as SEC trading, tax fraud, and TARP fraud
  • Pharmaceutical marketing fraud
  • Construction fraud
If you need advice about the best way to approach and resolve your whistleblower matter, consider Betts & Associates. To request a legal consultation, contact our office at 404-577-8888 to schedule an appointment. We are proud to provide personal service and practical solutions for those with even the most complex legal concerns.